A membership community where softball coaches can learn, develop, & master the mental game.


You most likely got into coaching to have a positive impact on your players, help them improve their skills, and put develop a team that’s competitive and has fun. So what happens when


I know I can certainly relate. You’ve planned great practices, covered all of the fundamentals and the team is pumped for games to start. Then you hit tough competition, adversity, and unmet expectations and you question if you could have prepared better. Odds are, you did a great job with the physical skills. It’s the mental skills that are tougher to prepare and address.

What do you teach your players in regards to the mental game? Do you talk about how softball is a game of failure? Do you tell them they shouldn’t beat themselves up? Do you encourage them to bounce back after failure and feel confident in the face of adversity?

How do you coach and develop mental toughness? Do you know what each player’s mental strengths and weaknesses are? Do you have drills designed to challenge and grow their mental game? How do you work the mental game into your regular practice plans?


So tell me honestly: how important is it to you to develop competent, competitive players who truly enjoy the game? 

On a scale of 1-10, a 1 means you are probably only coaching because you have to. A 10 means those objectives are a part of who you are as a person and you couldn’t imagine coaching any other way. If you said a 6 or lower, I encourage you to reevaluate your motivations for coaching. I’d bet you can find something you love about it 🙂 If you said a seven or higher, continue reading!

Knowing that it will cost time and money, how ready and willing are you to further develop yourself as a coach so you can achieve the objectives above? 

This program is for students of the game who believe in investing in themselves in order to make a bigger impact on those they teach. It’s also for those who are so busy during season, they could use a faster process for practice planning and addressing the mental game.

If that sounds like you, are you ready to commit to the training? Give yourself a score of 1-10 again, 1 being “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready,” and 10 meaning, “sign me up now!”

If you’re below a 6, I encourage you to bookmark this page for future reference and set a reminder on your calendar to revisit the topic before next season!

If you’re a 7 or above, I know this academy will be a great resource you! Just by reading alllll the way down here, it shows me you’re committed to discovering new ways to be a better coach for your girls. 🙂

Now that I see your dedication,

read below to learn all that the academy will include!


The resources you need to coach the mental game more efficiently and help your players get mentally tougher faster!


You’ll have access to all EIGHT Mental Training Foundation courses!


Activities for team building and getting to know your players


Drills to incorporate mental skills right alongside physical skills!

Practice Plans

We’ll lay out the Relate-Learn-Grow-Adapt process for various topics that you can immediately use as your practice plan for the day! (e.g. Teaching Your Players How to Bounce Back From Failure)


How awesome would it be to have hundreds of assistants able and willing to discuss the mental game, help you figure out something one of your players is struggling with, or even hash out a practice idea?! Consider this community your extended coaching staff 🙂


Members will get special discounts on consulting services!

After every Sport Psychology class I’ve taught, I’ve gotten feedback like this from multiple students.

“I wish I could have taken this class before senior year. It would have been helpful for me as an athlete.”

— Kalamazoo College Student-Athlete

Hearing this breaks my heart because I get it. I didn’t find Sport Psychology until late in my junior year in college, and it completely changed my career and life. My goal is to help get these lessons to you, coaches, so your players can apply them and experience the benefits sooner!

If this sounds AWESOME to you…


Doors are set to open August 1st!




Good for one year of membership

Mental Training Foundation course, activities, drills, discounts and a community of like-minded coaches! PLUS a discount for paying in full 🙂




12 total payments

You get everything from the upfront plan, but you just get to pay monthly!

No questions asked, 30 day money back guarantee!


What do I need to know before joining this academy?

You do not have to have any education in sport psychology or mental training to join this academy. You do, however, need to have a firm grasp on teaching the physical skills at your level. This way, you’ll be able to focus on both the physical and mental skills during practice and games.

How long will I have access to the academy?

You will have access for 365 days, beginning on the day you register and pay! At the end of that term, you will have the option to re-up and add another year 🙂

Do you have to coach at a certain level to join?

This academy is for coaches at any level who want to implement the mental game into practices and games.

Is this worth the price?

Of course, I’m biased when I say, absolutely! Look at it this way… If you’d pay $300 for a couple of Bow Nets or one team bat, would it not be worth that same amount to get:

  • Access to the Mental Training Foundation course to teach all of your players the fundamental mental skills
  • Banks of activities and drills to fill your practice plans, categorized by which mental strength they help
  • Discounts on individualized consulting
  • AND a community of like-minded coaches who can serve as extra assistants to brainstorm with?

I think so! 🙂


What is the community all about?

The community will be a place where you can share your ideas, ask questions and celebrate wins with your peers. Think of it as a big ol’ coaching staff full of like-minded and passionate individuals!

We will also be available to the group weekly answering any questions you have and providing extra feedback. We will have specific times to serve as our office hours 🙂 

I'm interested! What do I do now?

Join the waitlist! The doors are expected to open August 1st!


I'm very interested, but not quite ready to buy.

No problem! There are lots of free options in the meantime. You can get your Mental Toughness Profile, check out the articles and resources on the blog, and/or join us in the Coaches’ Mastermind where we share tips, experiences and even a behind-the-scenes of our consultation with Mattawan High School this season!

Do you offer private consulting services?

If you’re interested in consulting services, for a team or organization please fill out our prospect questionnaire and I’ll get back to you ASAP! We do not offer individual athlete consulting at this time, but I can help you find a certified consultant!

Fair warning- this option is pricey, and we are selective with our clients. This is because we want to create an amazing experience for you and your girls that you can take with you in future seasons! If you want to get an idea of what we offer, join us in the Mental Sweet Spot Coaches’ Mastermind where we discuss our consulting process with Mattawan High School every Sunday morning!

I have more questions- how can I get in touch with you?

Send them my way via the Contact Form!