With this blueprint, you’ll no longer feel frustrated, exhausted, & disappointed in the end result.

What if you could develop a team full of mentally tough, dedicated leaders who were completely bought in to the team’s mission?

What would it mean to you to have your most impactful year as a coach yet?

How would you feel if you had a system that made it easier to achieve these things?

The trouble is… most coaches don’t have what they need to make these things happen.


  • Improve team performance by improving individual performance 
  • Speed up progress toward goals by creating a clear strategy 
  • Peak when it really counts by planning out your calendar 
  • Fit all of this into your already-packed practice plan by being deliberate 
  • Make an even BIGGER impact by avoiding the mistakes we made 



An unstoppable team where each player is bought into a unified team purpose.

Athletes who are self-motivated and enjoy doing it because they know why it’s all important to them.

With a fire inside driving them to excel, this group is willing to do whatever it takes to reach their potential.

Players with unshakeable belief who don’t beat themselves up for not being perfect.

Individuals who take risks, push harder, and love a “big game” because they aren’t afraid to fail.

A team that creates their own momentum and finishes just as strong as they started.

Players who don’t make mental errors because they’re focused on the right things at the right time.

A team that never seems to slump and doesn’t overthink the situation- they simply play.



  • Put an end to the cliques and drama and replace them with empathy and cohesion.
  • End the heartbreak of losing players you know you can help by implementing a comprehensive system that helps each individual athlete.
  • Get your players to understand how importance the mental game – and work on it as much as pitching, hitting and fielding.
  • Stop having to try to read minds of players who can’t or won’t tell you what’s actually wrong, by giving them a common language to do so.

One reason we’re so passionate about getting this program in the hands of more softball coaches is because we hear this over and over from current and former players:

“I wish I’d learned this sooner!” 

We get that. We wish we had had it sooner too. But nowadays it’s usually not for a lack of trying on the coach’s part! It’s just more difficult than it should be.

We’ve talked to hundreds of coaches and their struggle with implementing the mental game always boils down to the same thing: they’re frustrated and exhausted trying to piece together mental training programs on their own, only to be disappointed at the end of the season by less than stellar results.

Now it’s become crystal clear: we have the solution all these coaches want! It’s a system born from years of trial and error, and with some intensive strategizing and refining, it’s ready to be shared with coaches like you!

The solution is the Dream Team Blueprint!

Ditch the days of being frustrated, exhausted,
& disappointed in the end result. Instead,

feel PROUD as you watch your players grow and perform better than ever!


Pay Up Front



This blueprint gives you the training modules, activities, challenges, & drills to develop a team that’s cohesive, bought in, and able to handle any challenge that’s thrown at them!

   * Dream Team Game Plan
   * Culture training
   * Free strategy call



2 payments

You get everything just the same, with the convenience of two payments charged a month apart!

If you're not fully committed by the Committed course, we'll give you your money back!

“This website has a lot of resources that will be helpful in taking our program to the next level. Developing mentally tough players will allow us to compete with the best in the conference. I can't wait to implement more into my practices and team discussions.”

— Leigh Ann LaFave - Head Softball Coach - Albion College

“I have grown so much from this class - it has impacted my relationships, academic work, and physical ability in a very positive way.”

— Kalamazoo College Student-Athlete


Is this worth the price?

We of course know it is, but let’s put it this way…

Right now you probably invest in equipment for your team. Let’s look at the basic hitting equipment that you purchase so your players can improve their swings, which will give them a greater chance of getting good hits, thus helping your team succeed.

  • One decent bat- $300
  • One tee- $50
  • Two dozen balls- $100
  • One net- $50

Total = $500

So for the same price as our blueprint, you invested in equipment that has no real guarantee to actually help you reach your ultimate goal of helping your team succeed. 

Because that doesn’t solve the issue of a player who has a fear of failure and freezes at the plate. It doesn’t help the player who feels anxious before even stepping into the box. And it doesn’t even prepare them for the crazy challenge that is facing live pitching in a GAME situation.

Now we’re not saying you should buy equipment- you have to have it for drills! We’re saying the physical tools aren’t enough. It would be like walking up to the plate after 6 hours of practicing hitting… with a blindfold on. 

This program will be another investment. But your returns are less time wasted at practices that don’t translate to the games and less frustration as you watch your girls struggle with confidence or consistency, feeling like you can’t help.

$500 frees your players a cycle of self-sabotage and allows you to make a deeper impact on the players you care about.

Could I get by for now with books, quotes and video montages?

Speaking from both of our experience here- yes you can get by. However, it comes at a different cost. Speaking from personal experience. When you take the long route:

  • Must put in HOURS of extra work sifting through, selecting, reading, and then making lesson plans for each topic you want to cover
  • Which means you’ll probably get burnt out/exhausted by midseason and need to take a break
  • If you don’t take a break, it will cut into the energy you have to actually work with your girls when you’re with them
  • When you’re missing out on this precious time working individually and intently with your players, you’re not going to know the best ways to help them
  • Then it all comes back around to the players not having the mental skills they need in order to succeed

Our blueprint gives you the fast track to getting to know what each individual needs and giving them the tools to succeed, without having to do all the leg work of finding the information. You just get to work with your players and help them reach their potential 🙂

It's still not in my budget right now.

We completely understand limited budgets. We had to get clever ourselves to provide for our girls. But what it ultimately comes down to is: is this thing (Dream Team Blueprint) worth it to you and your wishes for these players.

If the answer is “No,” no hard feelings! Close this page and move on without any guilt whatsoever.

But if your answer is yes, we believe that we can help you find a way to cover the cost that you’re comfortable with and will allow you access to this opportunity for your team 🙂

Will we have any support?

When you purchase our Dream Team Program, you will receive a free strategy session so we can help you get exactly what you need from this program. You are also invited to join our Facebook community where we and other like-minded coaches share stories, struggles and what’s worked for us! You can also contact us at any time with any technical difficulties or other specific questions.

How much time will this take?

Each course will take 30 minutes to an hour to go through as a team. Then we suggest you use that course as the theme for all drills and conversations for a week. If you cover one course per week, you can cover the entire system in 8 weeks!

This system is designed to be helpful ALL season long though! You can go back to specific lessons and keep expanding your knowledge and skills as the season goes on 🙂

What ages is this system best for?

This system has been used with teams aged 12u and older so far, but if you’re a coach of younger players you can absolutely teach these concepts as long as you bring the language to their level 🙂

What do I (or my players) need to know before starting this program?

All you need to know before starting this program is that you are committed to completing it and giving all your effort to each segment. We say it to our players all the time: you get what you give!

I'm interested, but not quite ready to buy.

No problem! There are lots of free options in the meantime. We share lots of tips on the podcast, and you can join us in the Coaches’ Mastermind where we share tips, experiences and wins with other coaches!

Keep in mind though, these resources take a LOT more of your time, which eats into your own personal time and energy. If you want to get more efficient with your time and get even more out of mental training, we know our program will do just that!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Do you offer other services with more support?

We sure do! We call this service the Do It Yourself version where we give you the system and you implement it with your team.

We offer another service where we support you weekly as you and your team go through the program (also includes individual log-ins for all players and coaches).

In our third tier, we go through the courses directly with your team, visit you in-person and give feedback on practices and games, and work with the coaches weekly to implement the mental game.

If you’re not sure which level would be best for you, let’s chat!

I still have a question that wasn't answered here.

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