Implement the mental game daily, without it feeling like one more thing you have to do.


Your girls lack self-confidence, even though you do your best to get them to believe in themselves.

They have a hard time dealing with pressure and recovering from mistakes, even when you tell them over and over that softball is a game of failure.

They get in their own head even when you try to tell them to focus on the controllables.


We talk about the mental game quite a bit these days, and that’s a great thing! Many coaches (like you!) are already investing time and energy teaching the mental game. What we’ve found is difficult is how to get confidence, resilience, and focus to show up on game day when the pressure is really on.


These eight courses will teach your players all of the fundamentals of the mental game, in a softball-specific, step-by-step system that builds on itself as you go through the season.

Each course can be covered in about an hour total and is great stretched over at least one week. They’re structured in our Relate-Learn-Grow-Adapt format so you can immediately apply the material to each individual player’s experience!

They include:

40+ activities that build awareness and can be used for team-building
Challenges to bridge the gap between the lessons and competition, &
Softball drills to test and refine their new mental skills


Defining what this team is all about.

Why + Goals

Connecting to why they play and setting process goals.

Mastery Mindset

Focusing on the process to keep that competitive fire alive.


Building true confidence with positive self-talk.

Energy + Emotions

Staying in their peak energy zone for performance.


Identifying the controllables and using the focus funnel.


Performing under pressure and using imagery to prepare.


Playing in the zone by trusting their training.

“This website has a lot of resources that will be helpful in taking our program to the next level. Developing mentally tough players will allow us to compete with the best in the conference. I can't wait to implement more into my practices and team discussions.”

— Leigh Ann LaFave - Head Softball Coach - Albion College


The main reason we’re so passionate about getting this system in the hands of more softball coaches is because we hear this over and over from current and former players:

“I wish I’d learned this sooner!” 

It breaks our hearts to hear, because we get it. We wish we had access to mental training earlier in our careers too. But it’s nobody’s fault- coaches simply haven’t had the resources or time to cover it in this sort of depth…


Now you’ll be the one getting feedback like this from your players:

“I have grown so much from this class - it has impacted my relationships, academic work, and physical ability in a very positive way.”

— Kalamazoo College Student-Athlete


Let’s chat about how we can help you bring this to your team!



Is this worth the price?

We’re saying this as coaches who’ve tried doing mental training the inexpensive way and failed: it certainly is!

But let’s put it this way… If your players are paying hundreds and thousands for lessons for their physical skills, and you’re paying for equipment, travel, tournaments, etc. why wouldn’t you also invest in the mental skills that will help your players perform their best on game day?

Wondering about the return on investment? With this program, you’ll save time you’d normally waste when your girls are in their own head and you’re spinning your wheels trying to “figure it out” on your own.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your girls struggle with confidence or consistency and feeling like you can’t help.

This system will give your team the invaluable opportunity to unlock their potential. It’s been absolutely worth it in my experiences as a player, coach, and parent 🙂


What do I (or my players) need to know before starting this program?

We would suggest you go through our free workbook: The Softball Coach’s Guide to Crafting Your Dream Season to get a clear idea of what to do first.

Other than that, you can dive right in without any sport psychology or mental training knowledge.

How long will this system take?

Each course will take 30 minutes to an hour to go through as a team. Then we suggest taking at least a week to use that course as the theme for all drills and conversations. If you cover one course per week, you can cover the entire system in 8 weeks.

This system is designed to be helpful ALL season long though! You can go back to specific lessons and keep expanding your knowledge and skills as the season goes on 🙂

What ages is this system best for?

This system has been used with teams aged 14u and older so far, but if you’re a 12u coach, let’s chat!

What if I have a question along the way?

You can email us at any time with any questions you have! You can send me a message via the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you decide you want more support from us and other like-minded coaches, you can always upgrade to the Mentorship & Community program! You’ll be able to post questions, attend a weekly Q&A and get support any time in our own app, which is like our personal Mental Sweet Spot Facebook 🙂

I'm interested! What do I do now?

Scroll back up and join the waitlist! The System will be available soon!

I'm interested, but not quite ready to buy.

No problem! There are lots of free options in the meantime.

You can use our free workbook to craft your Dream Season, hear how we and other coaches teach the mental game on the podcast, and/or join us in the Coaches’ Mastermind where we share tips, experiences and wins with other coaches!

Do you offer consulting services?

If you’re interested in consulting services for a team or organization please fill out our consulting questionnaire and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Fair warning- this option is pricey, and we are selective with our clients. This is because we want to create an amazing experience for you and your girls that you can take with you the rest of your career and life!

If you want to get an idea of what we offer, who we are, and what we’re passionate about join us in the Mental Sweet Spot Coaches’ Mastermind and check out our podcast!

We do not offer individual athlete consulting at this time, but we can help you find a CMPC certified consultant! (Those letters are very important if you’re looking on your own!)

I still have a question that wasn't answered here.

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